Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lessons from Monkey

Monkey, in her customary position on my chest as I work.
All week long, it's been very sunny and very cold in my corner of the Pacific Northwest. This is my favorite type of weather - I love the quality of light, the slant of the sun, and the crisp air against my skin. I also love being bundled up inside, cozy and warm while the outside reaches sub-freezing temperatures.

Our living room has two walls of windows. One wall extends along the front of the house, looking out over the Chehalis River Valley below. The windows face almost directly south. In the winter, the low angle of the sun often means that, on sunny days like we've had this week, bright light slants through the window and directly into my eyes.

Unfortunately, I've been sitting in the living room with my laptop this week, trying to get some work done. When the sun slants in, it shines directly on my laptop, making it difficult to work. All week long, this has frustrated me, although I've tried to ignore it and soldiered on with my work.

Today, I was working on an article when the sun slanted through my windows and directly into my eyes. As I often do when I write, I had one of my dogs, Monkey, sitting on my chest. When the sun shone through the window, she nuzzled her cheek against mine, closed her eyes, and turned her face to the light.

I followed her lead. I set aside my computer and invited the two other dogs into my lap, as well. With Monkey's cheek nuzzled into mine, we all closed our eyes and turned our faces to the sunlight. I was immediately filled with peace, joy, and wellbeing. We sat there, enjoying the moment, for as long as the sun allowed, until it moved to the right, hiding behind a piece of furniture.

It was a perfect moment in time, and it made me realize something. When the sun slants through my windows in such a way, it isn't there as a hindrance. It's there as an invitation to pause in my work, close my eyes, and enjoy the beauty the universe offers in such moments. It is an invitation to be present in my life. It is an opportunity to experience joy.

It makes me wonder. How many times am I so distracted that I let these moments pass without pausing and relishing all the beauty the universe has to offer? Maybe I should take a cue from my dogs more often, allowing myself to experience these perfect moments, which offer peace and joy if I have the presence of mind to accept the gift.


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That's a beautiful picture. I realized a while ago that when the kitty walks across my keyboard 3 times wanting love, that isn't an *interruption*, it's the life that I work to support. Life doesn't get better than fuzzy-cuddles and sunshine.